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Friday, January 09, 2015


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You inspire me. :) I know that I will never excel in the ways that you excel, and sometimes that makes me feel a little bad, but then I remember that I shine in my own ways, and you inspire me to be better in those ways. I love your big giant heart. :)


Thank you, sweet Mindy! You absolutely shine in many ways (one of those is in encouraging others, like me!).


Love this post! I've found that when people are critical of how I do things, it does NOT motivate me to change... even if they are right and their way is better. I have the unfortunate habit of responding in pride... in fact, I think to myself, "If you think that is bad, just wait until you see ..." One reason is that people who are critical usually are not acting from love. If they truly loved me and wanted to help, they would not be critical. They would prayerfully consider how to approach the topic- and seek to understand my behavior before they judge it. They might offer advice from a willingness to help (in love)... but to be critical of others is a condemning approach. When we are critical, we have become nothing but a gonging cymbal. The good things we seek to share painfully bounce off the hearer... it cannot be absorbed.
And then I think... should I judge another Man's servant?
(maybe this is a sensitive subject to me...? :) and I know I am guilty of being critical of others myself.)

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