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Friday, March 23, 2012


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Amanda Bishop

Jen- there is so much that I admire about you, your words of encouragement (a gift!) and your prolific and introspective journaling are among them! While I giggle over your garden journal, I am still a bit envious and impressed! But then- let me just say- CONTROL FREAK! Okay- I'm done with that...back to envying! :) Oh, and which roommate?


Thanks, friend :) Do you remember the encouragement box at College Hour?

Yes, you've known me long enough to know I'm certifiably anal. Poor Seth has to live with it (you know all about that).

The roomie was Marie Bossi...she was my roommate my freshman year, so you probably didn't ever meet her.


You've been busy blogging! If you ever feel the itch to plan another new garden, make yourself at home in our backyard. :)
I'll know where to come for planting advice if I ever get to doing that. For now gardening is Sam's domain.

Sarah Sue

WOW! Really impressed the Garden Journal. And to see what you created from the sketches and all the info you collected. Have fun together on your new project!

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