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Friday, January 14, 2011


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These are the basic rules in our house, too, BUT I do make exceptions once in a while for speciality drinks from Starbucks...

Sarah Sue

Thanks Jen! It is good to hear your thoughts. One challenge we have here is the lack of whole wheat anything. The only thing I can really find is small bags of whole wheat flour. Noodles, rice, most flour, mantou, baozi (Chinese breads) are all white flour or white rice. But they do like to use lots of different grains, pulses and other good things. Also, plenty of fresh fruits and veg (although not sure of organic options). I love that Seth ended up with your Christmas junk food :) That is always a question at this time of year!

Kate Tirabassi

Eating Paleo is similar--all whole foods--meats, veggies, some fruits, nuts and seeds, but NO grains or legumes either. We use almond flour when we need flour for a recipe (you can use coconut flour, but I can't b/c I can't eat coconut anything). And when we cheat, we just cheat (for ex. I'll just make the cookies with regular flour, or we'll get popcorn at the movies). But it's not that often, so we don't sorry too much about it.


Hi Jen,
Thanks for sharing that! And I love when others share things they love- it never seems preachy to me when they are sharing what has helped them.


Try making your own BBQ sauce - it is quite easy to make at home and fun to experiment with (and likely better than anything you'll buy). Many BBQ experts here in TX pride themselves equally on their sauce and BBQ.

Not sure how it is on pizza, but you can look to North Carolina style sauces that are more vinegar based if the sugar from the ketchup scares you off. Or even go for molasses as a sugar replacement in tomato based BBQ sauce.

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