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Sunday, May 02, 2010


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amy g

jen, i love posts like this (maybe because i feel like all my posts are titled - update.) i totally agree that facebook hinders blogging. i sometimes want to update the blog but realize that i already wrote the important bits of the story in the condensed facebook status update. - tell sadie, "good job on her bike" from amy, pete and jane. avery too.

Sarah Massie

Today in kids clubhouse I let the kids get all their talking out at the beginning and tell me a story, so Sadie raised her hand (which she always does and I love it! very good example to the other kids), and said, "one time Avery rode her bike into a black car".... and that was it. It was awesome.


Amy- :) The girls are eager to bring their bikes to church and show off their skills to uncle pete....I have to wonder if in the back of their minds they think they might be able to ride with him someday. Little do they know that uncle pete is like lightning on a bike!

Sarah- Too funny! Avery once rode into a boat as well. We laugh with her pretty heartily about her ability to ride into parked objects.


Well maybe Sadie and Avery can convince Anasten that riding her bike would be more fun the running or walking. She still REFUSES to ride her bike so far this spring. We figure don't push it..let her get comfortable. But still.....very annoyed she does have a better bike then me ya know!


I enjoy these posts, too. Probably because I'm not that good at staying in touch but I still think about all of you quite often. Congratulations on the new bike riders!

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