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Sunday, September 13, 2009


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Good for you Jen. Stick with it and it will pay off. I've been not so good the past week but I'm getting back to it tomorrow. Hang in there!!!!


I am so going to be asking you...why don't you want me to do it with you? Am I not good enough? :)

Sarah Lewis

It's funny you bring this up now. You probably know from FB that I'm in the beginning stages of trying to get in shape and lose weight. I'll ask you how you're doing if you ask me how I'm doing. We can motivate each other! :) Good luck with it!

P.S. Please tell me more about this new P90X thing you're doing.

amy g

hey, i will totally ask you how it is going, i would do it with you (maybe the next time you do it) but i find that too much exercise does not help with the breastfeeding issues so i'm out this time.


Mers-BRING IT, GIRL!! Do your best and forget the rest. :)

Lanie- Honestly, I spent more time bugging guys like Micah & Jared because I thought my chances of convincing them were better because they can already lift a lot and do pull-ups, etc, so I figured they would be most likely to stick with it and challenge me. But I would be happy to have you be my workout buddy!! :)

Sarahlew- Is it really a good idea to give me permission to harass you? You know I will!! You can check out P90X at www.p90x.com or flip on the tv and flip through until you see an infomercial about it. The infomercial is probably the best way to get a feel for it. It involves lots of weight training, a few different cardio workouts (including kenpo & plyometrics which is jump training), in addition to some other things mixed in like yoga. You do a different workout everyday of the week but you have the option to take the 7th day off. It is work, but it is really really good.

Amy- I definitely think I'll be doing multiple rounds, so I'll bug you about it next round. I think it's a bit intense for those that just gave birth, not to mention the breastfeeding.


I love your determination. I encourage you to keep your life style goals flexible & balanced, which you are already doing as evidenced by your posting!!! You ARE looking very healthy!

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